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Helsinki - Tallinn - Parnu - Riga - Gungas

Together we discover 4 Cities and 4 flavors of Baltic culture.  

Professional guides teach us about culture, architecture, and history. In the evenings we meet with local dancers to further deepen the exchange.

An exceptional opportunity to discover new friends, new dancers, new places, and new tastes.

For Julija and I, it is also the opportunity to share our past with you all. Julija grew up in Latvia, and I spend many months in Helsinki.

Come and join us for an unforgettable experience.

The   Program

Saturday, 12 August

We arrive in Helsinki and meet at the hotel, We share an evening meal and dance. We spend the night in Helsinki

Sunday, 13 August 

We visit the highlights of Helsinki by bus, guided by a local guide, in the afternoon, we go dance at the local tango club. We spend the night in Helsinki

Monday, 14 August 

We take an early morning ferry to Tallinn where we meet Natalia, our guide for the rest of the week.  We visit the old city center and in the evening we dance with the local dancers. We spend the night in Tallinn.

Tuesday, 15 August

We visit Kadriogh park and the Kumu museum in the morning. After lunch, our bus takes us to Parnu. We have a quiet evening and spend the night at Parnu.

Wednesday, 16 August

Free time to visit Parnu, the summer capital of Estonia, spend time on the Baltic beach, or spend time in the wellness center of the hotel. In the evening we share dances with the local dancers. We spend the night at Parnu.

Thursday, 17 August

In the morning we go by bus to the Gauja national park for a unique rafting experience.  In the afternoon we go to Riga by bus. In the evening we cruise towards the sunset on the Daugava river. We dance on the boat. We spend the night in Riga.

Friday, 18 August

A guided tour on foot of the unique art nouveau quarter in Riga and the old city center, in the afternoon, we go by bus to Gungas, our weekend destination.

Saturday, Sunday 19 - 20 August

We share a dance weekend at Gungas, an exceptional ethnographic resort, 35 km outside of Riga. For information on this part, please follow the link.

Monday, 21 August

Time to say goodbye. Transfer from Gungas back to Riga or the airport will be organized.


  Pricing &   Registration

We welcome all dancers that enjoy double role dancing.

No need to register with a partner.

We all dance with each other.


Is your friend/partner (still) a single role dancer? You are both welcome.

* Accommodation is included in double/twin rooms with breakfast.  Single rooms are available at a surcharge, but not during our stay at Gungas . If you need a roommate, we will try and partner you with a participant of the same gender.

* All transfers up to Gungas on Friday 18/08 are included, The transfer from Gungas to Riga or the airport on Monday 21/08 is not included. 

* Lunch and dinner and drinks are not included for the first 6 days of the program. Once we are at Gungas, all meals and drinks are included.

* The fees for all excursions/activities are included unless otherwise stated.

* You can join for 6 days or for 10 days. If you just want to join the event in Riga and Gungas, please visit this page.

Your participation will only be confirmed by us after the reception of your participation fee.

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