Eindhoven   15/02 - 16/02 - 17/02  2019


Friday  Febr 15

20.00-01.00   DJ  Isaac (Eindhoven)

We are welcomed by the regular Scala dancers

Saturday Febr 16             14.00-19.00   Alex (Dresden)

21.00-02.30  Andreas (Berlin)

Sunday Febr 17

13.00-18.00   Bart (Eindhoven)

19.00-22.00   Mari (Hamburg)

For those that stay, we keep on dancing among the TiT participants



20.00             Welcome buffet for the travelers


11.00-14.00   Brunch

19.00-21.00   Dinner Buffet


11.00-13.00   Brunch

18.00-19.00   Goodbye buffet

Snacks & Drinks at all time 

The venue

The event will take place in Scala, Kardinaal de Jongweg 75, 5645 EN Eindhoven, Holland

Scala, Tipo Tango is supported by enthousiastic tangodancers fro Eindhoven and suroundings. the core group of 3 persons is responsible for the organisatieon, and they are surrounded by a circle of active dancers to help them in the realisation of their projects. 


We welcome all dancers that enjoy double role dancing.

No need to register with a partner.

We all dance with each other.


Is your friend/partner (still) a single role dancer? You are both welcome.


Your participation fee is 100€

all inclusive.

Accommodation is not included.

Payments upon arrival.

Extra's - Included

* Katia Tangueradelcirco will guide us into the world of Anatomy in relation to Tango.

* Workshops for double role dancers by Carsta from LaAcademia (Dresden).

* Monika Somer will present her fashion, Mode die Tanzt.

Eindhoven 15/02 - 16/02 - 17/02    2019