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Natalia and Agustin   @   Tango   aux   Frontieres   29   -   30   Okt   +   01   Nov.

A learning weekend in Moeskroen (BE) where Tango Cuisine will be your caterer.

Frontieres NatyAg.jpg
tango flix.jpg

Tangoflix   @   LaAcademia   12 -14   Nov   2021    with   Natalia and   Agustin

A learning weekend in Dresden (DE) where Tango Cuisine makes sure you have plenty of energy.

tango flix.jpg
tango flix.jpg

Neo Tango   Dresden   10 - 12   Dec   2021

A dance weekend in Gut Frohberg (Meissen) Germany for those who like to dance to nontango music.

neo tango dresden (2).jpg
tango flix.jpg

Ultimos Abrazos  29   -   30   -  31   Dec   2021 

Enjoy the last tanda's of the year. Catering by Tango Cuisine.

Ultimos lago.jpg
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Neo Tango   Brugge    11 - 13   Febr   2022

A dance weekend in Brugge Belgium for those who like to dance to non-tango music.

neo tango brugge (1).jpg
tango flix.jpg
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