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Riga - Theatre "3 Masas"   21/06 - 22/06 - 23/06   2019

Zirgu iela 1, Rīga, Latvia

Latvia is one of the few European countries where still today, just like hundreds of years ago, a celebration of the summer solstice is held. The shortest night of the year – from June 23 to 24, is spent in front of bonfires that burn bright until sunrise, singing Ligo-themed folk songs. Women and girls wear a crown of flowers on their heads, while men wear a crown of oak leaves. And while the bonfires reach towards the sky throughout Latvia, guests are greeted with beer and traditional Jani cheese with caraway seeds.


Friday  June 21

20.00-01.00   DJ  Jamie Roberts (Berlin/Riga)

Saturday June 22

14.00-19.00   DJ  Jamie (USA)

21.00-02.30  DJ   Heini (FI/Spain)

Sunday  June 23

13.00-18.00   DJ Bart (NL)

22.00- sunrise  DJ Anna Takkula (FI/GB)

We bring you all to Jurmala to celebrate the shortest night. You can join the festivities on the beach and/or come and dance with us in restaurant 'Pegasa Pils'.  At sunrise, we join the ritual dive into the sea... :-)

Not inclueded:

For those that come early:

Thursday June 20,  in the evening Dinner at Egle,an open air leisure space in the center of the old town very near the Town hall square, afterwards we all go dance at the regular Thursday milonga,held in our venue: 3 Mases, Zirgu Iela,1.

Friday June 21, all day, we visit the National Park of Gauja. Breathtaking panoramic views and a 13th century castle of Turaida. Our professional guide wiill share history and legends.  Picknick with open air dance is also an option. Price 40.- Euro

For those that stay longer:

Monday 24/06,  what better way to recover after a long night of rituals and dancing.... We have privatised  a large sauna space with our own service man to give birch leaf treatments.  Another tradition in the Baltics for us to explore. 15 Euro entrance fee, birches and tea included.

In the evening we dance on a boat on the river Daugava, until sunset. Price 15 Euro, 1 drink included.



21.00             Welcome buffet for the hungry traveler


11.00-13.00   Guided walking tour  - professional guides, different laguages :    a. Old Riga

                                   b. Art Nouveau Riga

                                   c. 'special' for returning participants

13.00-14.00   Lunch

19.00-21.00   Dinner Buffet


11.00-13.00  Guided walking tour  - professional guides, different laguages :    a. Old Riga

                                  b. Art Nouveau Riga

                                  c. 'special' for returning participants

13.00-14.00  Lunch


24.00  midnight cold buffet to keep us going till the sunrise

Snacks & Drinks at all time 

Where to stay:

We have reserved a number of rooms at a special price at Rixwell Hotel Convent for our guests.  As this is the busiest time of year in Riga, we are very happy to offer you this option. Upon registration you will get a promocode from us that you can use while making your booking.

The hotel is only 300 meter from our venue.  It is an old convent converted into a hotel. The complex has different buildings and many old elements kept in the rooms. Not your standard business hotel, but a place with a soul.






We welcome all dancers that enjoy double role dancing.

No need to register with a partner.

We all dance with each other.


Is your friend/partner (still) a single role dancer? You are both welcome.


Your participation fee is  120 Euro.

Accommodation is not included.

Payments upon arrival.

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