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Löftadalens folkhögskola
Folkhögskolevägen, 439 54 Åsa (SE)
10--> 17 July 2022

One week to dive deep into your Tango.
Plenty of fine-tunes moments to expand your expressiveness, communication,   connection, and enjoyment while dancing.
Discover below!!!


The   Venue

Löftadalens folkhögskola is a school dedicated to the fine arts.  They offer courses in dancing, music, painting, pottery, ... next to general education.  During their school holidays, they open the venue to short-term seminars.

There is one large and one small dance room with a wooden floor, and one large and one small dance room with a ballet floor. We also have access to the music room, the painting room, and many other classrooms.


The lodging options are:

 * in twin rooms (23 available) with private bathrooms 

 * in single rooms (65 available).  Single rooms share 1 bathroom every 2 rooms.

Sheets and towels are included. Camping on site is not possible.


The location is right in front of the sea, left and right there are sand beaches close to the school. The village center is less than 1 km away. 

The Program

Sunday, July 10


as of 14:00 arrival on site.

First evening milonga after dinner


Monday till Saturday, July 11 - -> July 16 

Various workshops, open-air afternoon milonga's, evening milonga's


Sunday, July 17

10:00-13:00  Pyama milonga

15.00 Final hugs and kisses goodbye


Lodging in full board, drinks, and snacks included.


Daily tango workshops by out  teachers team. 


Daily open-air afternoon milonga (wheater permitting), and evening milonga.


24/7 soothing waves welcoming you for a swim in the sea.

The Teachers

Mikael Andreas teaching small.jpg

Mikael and Andreas are the driving force behind the yearly Gotenborg queer tango festival.

Andreas is based in Berlin where he runs his own dance studio, Over the last 20 years, he's been teaching and DJ'ing in SE Asia and Europe for various international tango events.

More info on the next slides.


Ruth Rozelaar has long been the soul of Tango Mango in Devon. Now she devotes her life to the bandoneon.

She comes with a special program around playing tango music,  studying arranged pieces of the old masters as well as playing in a freer, 'a la parilla' style.

More info on the next slides.

isa en iwan.jpg

Isabella & Iwan have learned and developed didactic methods that are precisely attuned to the essence of tango: Enjoyment and well-being while dancing, being able to merge with the music and express your own feelings. Regardless of which dance and music style you prefer.

It is important to us that all movements are organic, refer to the here and now.

We use the roots and the tradition and expand them.

Dissolving boundaries to speak out a contemporary "tango body language". 

More info on the next slide

Kopie van double role.jpg

Natalia & Agustin began their international journey in 2016, after 13 years of local experience and 10 years of intense researches about tango, its history, its dance, culture, testimony and chats with milongueros. They have also specialized in body language and dance teaching techniques and done studies in the Tango university career at the Art University of Buenos Aires.

More info on the next slide

share passion.jpg

Every day we offer YOU the opportunity to share YOUR passion with all of us. 

It can cover any artistic field, any interest. 

We will organize the communication during the event, the times, and the class location.

On the registration form, you can indicate your interest in this part of the event.



What more is there to do:

Åsa is situated in the Halland region of Sweden.  For a good website with all kinds of nice suggestions, click here.



Allemansrätten:  The Right of Public Access gives everybody the freedom to roam the Swedish countryside. A unique opportunity to discover the woods and plains. For do's and dont's, click here.


Åkulla Bokskogar: This forest is a fifty square kilometers natural region situated in the interior of the Halland. The area contains some twenty lakes and twelve nature reserves.  40'' by car from our venue.

(you can change the language of the website at the bottom of the intro page).


Tjolöholm Slot:   The Castle is one of Scandinavia’s leading Arts and crafts properties. The luxurious castle was finished in 1904 and is said to be one of Sweden’s most amazing buildings. During the summer you have the chance to go on a guided tour of the castle in English. 15'' by car from our venue.

How to reach us:

Åsa is situated 45 min south of Gotenborg (SE) at the coast. It is a municipality of the greater Kungsbacka area.

The main international airport is Landvetter Airport (Gotenborg). To go from the airport to the venue by public transport will take about 1'40''. You can plan your trip here.

Renting a car is also an option and not that expensive. It starts at 25 Euro per day. You will find a good deal here.

You can also come by ferry from Kiel (DE) and Frederikshavn (DK) to Gotenborg.  More info here.

There are bus and train connections from Malmo and Stockholm to Kungsbaka, and then further on.

How a day might be scheduled:

asa schedule.jpg

  Pricing     Registration

You can join us for as many days as you want. From 1 day up till the full 7 nights :-).

Under 1 day we understand your stay at the venue for 24 hours, 1-night accommodation, and 3 meals.


Included: Access to all classes, stay in single or twin rooms, full board, drinks, and snacks.

Not included: Transport to the venue.


The more consecutive nights you stay, the cheaper the price per night is.

We welcome all dancers that enjoy double role dancing.

No need to register with a partner.

We all dance with each other.


Is your friend/partner (still) a single role dancer? You are both welcome.

asa pricelist.jpg

The event will be organized in accordance with the Covid sanitary rules valid at the time of the event. I will update the participants about these once we are closer to the eventdate.

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