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We organize dedicated ‘double role’ tango events

where every participant knows how to (and likes to!) dance

both roles of Argentine Tango

13/10 - 18/10 2023

A TiT dancing weekend combined with sea, sun and Culture

27/10 - 29/10 2023

A TiT dancing weekend 

17/11 - 19/11 2023

A TiT learning weekend 

19/01 - 21/01 2024

A TiT dancing weekend 

15/03 - 17/03 2024

A TiT dancing weekend 

19/04 - 21/04 2024

A TiT Learning/Dancing weekend 

07/06 - 09/06 2024

A TiT dancing weekend 

08/07 - 14/07 2024

A TiT learning week

31/08 - 02/09 2024

A TiT Dancing weekend 

Mision statement

We believe that every tango dancer should be given the possibility to dance the role they want, with whom they want....

 Express your personal Tango Voice!

Experience being Totally In Tango! 

Dance Totally!

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Totally in Tango organizes Double-Role Tango events all over Europe where all participants know how and like to dance both roles of Argentine Tango. 

Each event has a different flavor, has different accents, but they all share an open atmosphere and joyful spirit.

By bringing together all elements for a real immersion into double role dancing - we create an opportunity to explore both your roles of tango, find your way in connection with dance partners,  make new friends, and evolve to a happier version of yourself.


We'd love to hear from you

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