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Because we all love Spain and because Spain is joining the double-role dancing community more and more …. Totally in Tango just had to create the opportunity for us to reunite with our Spanish friends.

It is a weekend where you will share your dances, get new insights, experience Spanish folklore, and visit some of the most famous Spanish heritage. A fun, action-packed time with friendly, like-minded dancers in a friendly, open atmosphere.    


The   Program

Friday, 29 November


18.00 - 19.30  Open drop-in workshop, Sevillianas part I

21.30 - 01.00 Milonga: DJ Lucas Anthonisse (NL)

Saturday, 30 November


11.00 - 12.15  Open drop-in workshop, Sevillianas part II

12.30 - 13.45  Open drop-in workshop, Milonga I

15.00 - 19.00 Milonga: DJ Heini (SP/Fi)

21.30 - 02.00 Milonga: DJ Rolo de Zenete, Vynil!!! (SP)

Sunday, 01 December

12.00 - 13.15  Open drop-in workshop, Sevillianas part III

14.45 - 16.00  Open drop-in workshop, Milonga II

16.00 - 19.30 Milonga: DJ  Julija (BE)

21.30 - 01.00 Milonga: DJ Ana (BE/SP)

Extra, Not Included

On Thursday evening before the event, for those that come early, we go to see a Flamenco show in the city center.  The price will be communicated later, but count around 20-30 Euros, transport not included—departure from the hotel around 21.00 by taxi.

On Friday, we organize a guided walk in the city center with a passionate local guide. Departure at 11.00 in the hotel lobby. The total duration will be 3 to 4 hours with a lunch stop at a local eatery. Count 10-15 Euros for the guide depending on the group size.

On Saturday evening, we organize a “night” guided tour in English of the World Famous Alhambra castle. Even if you have seen it already during the daytime, the evening experience adds plenty of new layers to the site. Pre-booking for this experience is mandatory, as tickets are hard to come by. You can do so during the registration process. Departure around 18.00, return around 22.00. We will organize a taxi shuttle to the Alhambra site. Count on 45-50 Euros for the excursion, transport not included. 

The   Teacher: Ana Temblador


We are delighted to have Ana Temblador as our teacher for the weekend. She will guide us into the Flamenco world by sharing “her” Granada places and teaching us “Sevillanas for beginners” so we can enjoy the musical cortinas during her DJ set to the fullest.  We will also have a chance to fine-tune our milonga dance skills under her tuition. We know Ana as she is living in our hometown now.  


What Ana says about herself:


All my life I have been in love with dancing. 

I grew up in the province of Cadiz, where the flamenco was born. In Andalusia, friends and family celebrate many activities with flamenco. 

Since childhood It has been inside me, in my way of living-

 Granada became my second home for more than 20 years. There, I graduated in Flamencology at the University of Granada. 

Sevillanas are the most social part of Flamenco, as it is used to dance in couples in the "ferias" and family/friends gatherings. 


In 1997, during the Tango Festival in Granada, I fell in love with tango. Granada was one of the first cities in Europe to organize such an event.

Since then I have been travelling a lot for tango including twice to Argentina and also to Uruguay.

In 2018 my life took a turn and I dedicate my time professionally to tango; I teach in Bruges where I live with Alain, we organise tango holidays and I DJ at all kinds of tango events.


I’m glad to have the opportunity to share my roots with all of you. In the Sevillanas class will introduce you to the different rhymes. The classes are accessible to all levels. There is no need for any prior knowledge.

More info on the next slide

The Venue

Abades Nevada Royal hotel

Abades Nevada Palace Hotel is a very modern hotel with distinctive avant-garde architecture close to the center of Granada. It has a spectacular lobby area and rooms with a minimalist, contemporary style which, thanks to the building's elliptical shape, enjoy views over the city, the Alhambra, and the Sierra Nevada.   The hotel is easily accessible by public transportation.

We will dance in a 300 m2 big hall. We will put in our Spanish dancefloor and also our sound system. This way we assure your dancing comfort for the weekend.

The hotel has agreed to keep a batch of rooms for our group at a fixed price. You can reserve them by contacting the hotel directly. You will receive the code from us together with your registration confirmation message. You are free to use it or not. The below prices are valid from Thursday 28/11 till Monday 02/12.

granada hotel prices.jpg

The historical city center of Granada is 2.5 km away. The city dates back to the 7th century AD and has a rich heritage to show. It’s for sure worth a visit.  The hotel is easily accessible by public transportation from the city center.. 

Your participation fee is € 110.

Accommodation is not included.


Payment at the start of the event.

  Pricing &   Registration

We welcome all dancers that enjoy double-role dancing.

No need to register with a partner.

We all dance with each other.


Is your friend/partner (still) a single-role dancer? You are both welcome.

Your participation fee is 120 Euro

Accommodation is not included.

Your participation will only be

confirmed by us after the reception

of your participation fee.

No single-day passes will be sold. 

Registration only via the link on this page.

Travel tip!

Granada has very few direct flights.

A cheaper, and sometimes faster alternative is to fly direct to Malaga, and then take a bus to Granada. The buses are inexpensive and very frequent. Some leave direct from the airport of Malaga to Granada. The trip takes a bit over 2 hours.

Have a look here and search for your bus connection.

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