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TiT @ Gut Frohberg                                  
                 12 - 18   September   2022

Schönnewitz 9, 01665 Käbschütztal / Meissen (DE)

The Venue


Cradled in the gently rolling fields of the state of Saxony, a large farm has been transformed into a seminar center over the last 20 years.

They offer lodging in single and double rooms with private bathrooms. Next to that you can also stay in a dorm room or pitch your own tent or park your mobile home.

Offering 5 dance rooms with wooden floors, 1 outside dance floor, a private lake, a barrel sauna, an open-air yoga rooftop, plenty of open space for walks alone or in good company. There is also a small private lake for an afternoon dip. All elements that are needed for a great time together in one package. 

An experienced team in the kitchen serves  all meals (breakfast, lunch diner) in the spacious dining hall, 

Situated 40 km outside of Dresden, right next to Meissen. It is easily reached by public transport. We will organize a shuttle service for the last leg for those who need this.

Come and enjoy, you'll feel at home for sure.

Outside dance floor
The main dance hall
Practice dance hall
Tasty food
Spacious ding hall
The main builing
The private lake
Take a boat
Secondary building
Night view
Quiet and peace

Monday, September 12


as of 14:00 arrival on site.

First evening milonga after dinner


Tuesday till Friday, September 13 - 16 

6 hours of workshops per day by the teacher's team, open-air practice time, and evening milonga's. All workshops will be available to all participants.  So you do not need to miss out on anything.  An intense time to further develop both your Tango dance roles.


Friday till Sunday, September 16 - 18

Each teacher will give 1 open drop-in class on Saturday and on Sunday. There will be afternoon and evening milongas.


The   Teachers   Team

Kopie van double role.jpg

Natalia & Agustin


Well known and much loved @ TiT,  I;m looking forward to their joyful classes.


began their international journey in 2016, after 13 years of local experience and 10 years of intense research about tango, its history, its dance, culture, testimony, and chats with milongueros. They have also specialized in body language and dance teaching techniques and done studies in the Tango university career at the Art University of Buenos Aires.

More info on the next slide


Maria Filali and Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh  


For the first time in all the years of Totally in Tango events, we will have 2 Tangueras share their views on both roles in Tango.  I’m very excited about this.


What connects them and makes their approach so special, is a somatic approach to movement and the body in space. By doing so, they focus on connecting the structure of tango with emotion and musicality.

This very personal approach makes the study of tango with them a fascinating insight into a very coherent and specific, yet completely universal and contemporary dance.


Join us for an unforgettable time together!

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Natalie Mann 

I've known Nathalie for many years now, and I'm excited that she will share her passion with us.

As a dancer and full-time traveler between Argentine tango and somatic practices, she is committed to transmitting tools that invite body awareness and self-presence. She offers workshops in the form of sensitive explorations, rather than movements that would have to be reproduced. The goal is to approach a discipline (dance or other) in a state of availability and centering.

  Pricing &   Registration

We welcome all dancers regardless of level.  This is a learning week for ALL dancers, so do not hesitate to join.

No need to register with a partner.

We all dance with each other.


You can join us for 2-4-6 days.

Learning & Enjoying: Monday - Friday.


Every day 2 hours of class by both Natalia and Agustin and by Maria and Sigrid. There will be a morning and an afternoon session of the same material. 


Nathalie Mann will offer each day 2 open drop-in classes.


Afternoon open-air practice time, evening milongas. 

Learning & Enjoying: Friday - Sunday.

+25 hours of dancing,  6 drop-in workshops by the teachers' team spread out over Saturday and Sunday, and time for relaxation and sharing.  


Lodging, full board included


Event price












You can either sign up for the dance weekend or the tango intensive alone or, for both consecutive events. 


We offer a helper's tariff, to reduce the financial burden for those who need this, and who want to participate from inside, Please indicate your interest in this during the registration process, and we will contact you personally with our proposal.

You can book a twin room without a partner, we will partner you with another participant of the same gender.

Coffee, tea, and water are offered throughout the event. For other drinks, bar service will be offered

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