TiT   @   Les   Allumés du   Tango   -   Nantes   (FR)
18   -   19   -   20   February   2022
TiT   goes   dancing

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Immeuble « Arc-en-ciel »- Salón CAPEL

2 rue du Printemps  44700 ORVAULT Nantes métropole

The Venue

Les Allumées du Tango is the oldest tango association in Nantes (since 1992).  They have their own dedicated Tango dance venue. They are the perfect partner for a dance weekend among new and old friends. I'm very grateful for their support for this new TiT event in France.

This event is organized in collaboration with a new association in Nantes, Lotra Rola. This association aims to bring specific tango teaching for double-role dancers. This is why we have Argentinian teachers present during the weekend.

Those of you who understand French can have a look at the YouTube movie about the history of the association. 


They began their international journey 5 years ago, after 13 years of local experience and 10 years of intense researches about tango, its history, its dance, culture, testimony, and through chats with milongueros. They have also specialized in body language and dance teaching techniques and have done studies at the Tango university branch of the Art University of Buenos Aires.


They have achieved a lot of recognition thanks to the extraordinary classes where they mix culture, art, history, musicality, dance, and technique, transferring much-appreciated tango knowledge, without using figures or sequences. Their classes are open to all levels, and all roles. Each participant will have ample time to try and learn the proposed subjects in any of their roles :-).

Having the opportunity to experience them in person, not only offers the possibility of living a unique and different experience but also allows you to live the energy, freshness, enthusiasm, and personalized treatment of a couple who seek you to learn, have fun, evolve, get inspired and live an unforgettable learning moment.

Get a taste of them at their Youtube channel.

 Pricing  &   Registration

We welcome all dancers that enjoy double role dancing.

No need to register with a partner.

We all dance with each other.


Is your friend/partner (still) a single role dancer? You are both welcome.

​Your participation fee is 120 € for the weekend, all inclusive.

Accommodation is not included.

Payment in cash at the start of the event. No checks will be accepted.

The event will be organized in accordance with the Covid sanitary rules valid at the time of the event. I will update the participants about these once we are closer to the event date.

France had decided that dancing is allowed as of 16th of February, so our event can take place. 

We are obliged to check your vaccination pass according to the French Government, We will also ask for a test at the start of the event.  Wearing a face mask will be mandatory while dancing or taking classes.

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Registration is open!!!!