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Saint-Cirgues-en-Montagne, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Frankrijk

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Let's meet for a full week, or a weekend, in the countryside, with friends. To get there will require an effort, but as a reward, wide views with mountains on the horizon, rough nature, a farm, simple healthy meals, and very little luxury await you.

The Venue


The event takes place at the home of Fanette. It is a working farm, with some animals, a tractor, and tools, pastures, woodlands.... It is at 1.200 m altitude, on the 'plateau d'Ardeche'. 

The authentic stone house was renovated by Fanette herself over a 7-year period and has an 80 m2 dance room and an adjourning social room, all on the first floor. We will put an open-air dance floor in front of the house for afternoon dancing. 

The surroundings offer stunning views of the mountains, and clear Milky Way spectacles on cloudless nights. It is a wild environment, without neighbors, without shops, without a lot of civilization, it offers lots of freedom!

The   Program

From Monday till Friday, a learning week with Yoga and Tango classes, and from Friday till Sunday, the dancing weekend.

We aim for a small group of participants (approx 20) for the learning week, for intense, and deep classes.  On the weekend the group will be a bit bigger (max 50).

During the week, we will make 2 local visits. On Tuesday to the Abbey of Mazan, and on Thursday to the lake of d 'Issarles.

Meals are provided for by Tango Cuisine, with local, and fresh products from the market and the neighborhood farmers.

The below program could still change a bit,  according to the needs.

On Friday, it is the midsummer solstice, and we invite all of you to change into one of the characters of Shakespeare's ' Midsummer Night's Dream ',  or any other inspiration like Elves, Warriors, Maidens, ...., The role of the donkey is already taken :-).

The Teachers

Steff Lee

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A one-week workshop...

A playful exploration of creativity for two!

Starting with sensations of dimension and amplitude, to find the right place in the duo and on the dance floor. On the menu: circles, cylinders, spheres; creating and arranging abrazo spaces. Observe how articulatory play gently leads us toward roundness and circularity. Then, through playful, poetic, or simply surprising constraints, approach alternation, expectation, and unison.

Tango is a dance of dialogue, where we paradoxically seek to become one. How can I be both available and a force of proposition? How can I express my intentions and receive those of my partner? 

The keywords of this workshop will be listening and complicity!

The classes will be in French and English.

More info on the next slide



I have the joy of sharing this week with Stef Lee and gently preparing our bodies for the tango classes that will follow.

I will accompany you on the path of connection to your body, and your emotions. Together, we discover relaxation and tensioning, axis and balance, all while working on our breathing.

I’m thrilled to welcome you to my home, where I hope you will find harmony with nature and the Elements, far from the tumult of the cities. It’s an invitation to a timeless break away from the well-known hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.


You are welcome as of Sunday 16.06 in the afternoon, We leave latest on Monday 24/06 in the morning.

How to reach us:

- by car, the easiest way, just put 'Langladure, Saint-Cirgues-en-Montagne' in your GPS and keep faith.

- By Plane, Paris, Lyon or Marseille, from there by train to Valence and then by bus to Aubenas. We will organize a shuttle from Aubenas to the venue for those who need it, it's still about a 1-hour drive so some flexibility will be needed. There is no bus connection that comes close to the venue. If we need to rent a vehicle then the cost of the shuttle will be divided by the people using it.

- We will set up a form where you can offer or look for rides towards the event.




1. there are 2 bedrooms with double beds and a private bathroom available for couples. Sheets and towels are provided for. The price is 20 euros per night per person, only for couples that stay the full program.

2. in the Yurt, 300 meters from the house, 3 single beds, 1 double bed compartmentalized by sheets. Dry toilet and shower next to the yurt. Sheets and towels are provided for. The price is 10 euros per night per person. Only for those that stay the full program.

3. in a tent provided by us, suitable for 2 persons, with a separate sleeping quarter and 180cm standing height. Sheets are provided for. Toilets and showers near the house. Bring your own towels. Price, 10 euros per night per person.

3. bring your own tent or sleep in your camper/car.  Toilets and showers are available near the house. Bring your own mattress and sheets and towels. Price 5 euros per night per person.

On-site lodging options can be reserved during the registration process.

Nearby hotel, in the village center, 10 or more minutes by car over mountain roads:

1. Hotel Les Cevenes

2. Hotel Au Parfum des bois

3. Hotel, La Renaissance

If enough interest, we can rent the weekend, Friday till Monday, a nearby (15 min by car) rental house from friends of Fanette.  45 euros per night per person.


Make sure to bring a torch, It does get very dark at night. And warm clothes and sleeping gear, It is in the mountains, and it gets cold in the evenings and nights. Good walking shoes are recommended, the terrain is rough. Swimgear, for the little cascade on the farm, or the lake during our excursion.

If you have a yoga mat, it would be good to bring it along. If not, we will provide you with one if you join the classes.

Your participation fee is € 110.

Accommodation is not included.


Payment at the start of the event.

  Pricing &   Registration

We welcome all dancers that enjoy double-role dancing.

No need to register with a partner.

We all dance with each other.


Is your friend/partner (still) a single-role dancer? You are both welcome.

Your participation fee is 300 euros for the learning week (Monday till Friday, 5 days) and 150 euros for the dance weekend (Friday till Sunday, 3 days).

Accommodation is not included. Meals, drinks, and snacks are included.

Your participation will only be

confirmed by us after the reception

of your participation fee.

Registration only via the link on this page.

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